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Success Stories
  Success Stories  
“Solid Integrations LLC Signed a Manufacturing agreement with Valcent Products Inc.”

On October 02, 2006 Valcent Products Inc. which is a company that features a team of world class inventors, marketers and production specialists. Announced the contract signing of a manufacturing agreement with Solid Integrations LLC.
  At present Solid Integrations is providing engineering, product development & design services and is the responsible for coordinating the sourcing and manufacturing of consumer products with vendors on a global basis.  
  We offer a wide range of professional engineering services, from conceptual design to full manufacturing implementation. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your outsourced Design / Engineering / Manufacturing department, we can assist you and your business.  
  Our Engineering staff is experienced in all aspects of design, they have the visual skills to conceptualize and define your products, understanding the human factor and ergonomics, with a wide experience in injection molds, plastics, metals and with the use of the latest 3D Cad tools, we can ensure your projects and products robustness, time to market and its ultimate success.

Solid Integrations can design a product that not only looks good but is also cost effective in its manufacture. Also we ensure the manufacturability and feasibility of all products.
We use Industrial design engineering and SLA prototyping to bring your ideas to reality thus helping in your product overall success.