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Solid Integrations, LLC. with more than 25 years experience in Custom Injection Molding, we are a leading force in the industry. Solid Integrations, is strategically located at the core of the maquiladora industry, right at the Mexico – US border, we service various industries located in all areas of the United States.

With diverse operations in advanced injection molding techniques, Solid Integrations, LLC. provides turnkey solutions to product development, tooling construction, implementation and delivery of competitively priced plastic molded products for all industries.

When trying to locate a reliable Custom Injection Molder, you wil inevitably be faced with many choices. As a leader in the industry there are several key points that we consider to be uncompromising and are the foundation upon which we base our entire operation.

Timely Delivery of acceptable product, the first time and every time thereafter.
A 'zero-defect' policy whereby we strive to deliver product that meets or exceeds the customers demands 100% of the time.

Systems in place to constantly improve the manufacturing process that can adapt to changes in requirements and are designed to anticipate and resolve unexpected manufacturing problems in a proactive manner.

Uncompromising and exacting standards upon which reliable and durable tooling construction shall occur, each and every time.

If your company or organization is committed to efficient and quality production and manufacturing standards and require the services of a precision injection molding company, then your choice is clear. Solid Integrations, LLC. is committed to, and specializes in servicing manufacturers and developers, to achieve your goals in a profitable and timely manner.